About Us

Forward Controls Design's mission is simple: create a better user-centric, form fitting and logical suite of AR and SCAR components that actually have ergonomics as one of the design goals. Often, a simple change in location, shape, or direction of serrations can make a great deal of difference to the way a user interacts with his firearm.

Formerly a Battle Arms Development partner and co-inventor of the now famous BAD-ASS and BAD-CASS (US patent US 8,806,790 B1) family of AR and M16 safety selectors, and the AR/M16 Enhanced Pins Set (patent pending), we aim to bring forth innovative, well thought out and functionally superior components for the AR and SCAR systems that are ready for combat use from day one, and every day thereafter.

Though Forward Controls Design is a company started in the fall of 2014, I trust most will find the way I run it familiar. Eschewing conventional wisdom, finding ways to improve something that most deem unimprovable, superb design and execution, exceptional customer service and support, these are among the easily recognizable characteristics with which folks can identify from my days past.

Please bear with us while we flesh out our website with additional content, products and related info.

Thank you all for your support.

Roger Wang